May 2014 District Report

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Welcome to my May newsletter.

On May 12, Toni G. Atkins was sworn in as the 69th Speaker of the State Assembly. She is only the third woman to hold the title of California Assembly Speaker. Speaker Atkins is a great leader and I look forward to working with her to make our great state even better!

The Governor released his May budget proposal revision on May 13,  which includes more money for schools, courts, teacher pensions and drought relief while still paying down our debts and investing in our future.

Last week the Legislature unanimously voted to place a Rainy Day Fund on the November ballot. The Rainy Day Fund is a historic step in the right direction towards securing California’s financial future. Although our economy is recovering, it is important that we make preparations for another economic downturn. I was pleased to cast my vote for this measure and I will continue to fight to protect California’s future.

In this newsletter, you will learn more about the work I have been doing in Sacramento and around the district. As the legislative session continues, I hope that you will contact me about issues important to our community.

My door is always open to you.

Best Wishes,

Assemblymember, 52nd District


52nd District


I am pleased to report that the Legislature has approved my ACR 94, which recognizes the need for local law enforcement, police and emergency medical services to coordinate their responses to active shooter situations. I introduced this measure in response to the shooting that occurred at Los Angeles International Airport last year.

My two bills to create job training opportunities have received strong support throughout the process. AB 1797 would find areas in the health care field that are in urgent need of medical providers and create “earn and learn” training opportunities for students to learn critical skills while collecting a paycheck. My Youth Apprenticeship Tax Credit bill received strong bipartisan support in committee. This bill would encourage employers to hire youth apprentices by allowing them to claim a tax credit for each apprentice.

To stay up-to-date on my legislation, please visit my legislation page. 

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week is celebrated nationally on May 18 through May 24. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, EMS Week honors the emergency medical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, administrators and educators who make up the emergency medical services system.

I have been an Emergency Medical Technician for 30 years and it is important to me to honor the dedicated men and women in the EMS field. To kick-off EMS week I authored Assembly Concurrent Resolution 84which established EMS week in California—and honored a group of dedicated EMS workers on the Assembly Floor.

In celebration of EMS Week, I held a Compression-Only CPR Training event with American Medical Response in Montclair. I am pleased that so many people showed up to learn this critical, life-saving skill and I look forward to holding more of these events in the future.  I am also leading the charge in the State Capitol to have members of the Legislature become CPR trained. I helped train several Assemblymembers during EMS Week on CPR.

I was pleased to kick-off EMS Week and honor this dedicated group of Emergency Medical Services personnel on the Assembly Floor.

CPR is one of the most important skills to know. If CPR is administered during the first few minutes following a cardiac arrest, the patient’s chances of survival increase dramatically.

For more pictures of EMS Week, please click here.

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When a disaster hits, it is extremely important to get quality medical care to the injured as quickly as possible. California currently owns three Mobile Field Hospitals which can be deployed to a disaster area to provide hospital-quality medical care to the injured. Each hospital has an x-ray facility, pharmacy and a laboratory.

After a disaster, hospitals experience an overwhelming influx of patients. Mobile Field Hospitals are designed to help ease the burden on local hospitals. Most importantly, these mobile hospitals are a vital resource that can provide medical care if a hospital is severely damaged or destroyed.

Due to past fiscal crises, funding for Mobile Field Hospitals has been cut from the budget, leaving these hospitals unavailable for use after a disaster. I have asked that next year’s budget include the necessary funding to store and maintain these hospitals. The recent earthquakes in California and around the world are a reminder that a disaster can strike at any time. Restoring funding to these hospitals is critical to ensuring that California has the best chance of survival and recovery after a disaster.

Officials from California Emergency Medical Services Authority guided me on a tour of all three Mobile Field Hospitals last week.

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Mark your calendars! On Saturday, July 19, I will be holding a Community Barbeque and Open House at my District Office in Chino from 11am to 2pm. We will be recognizing individuals from the area for their achievements, enjoying some good food and talking about issues that are important to our community. I look forward to spending some time with you and I hope to see you there!

Call my district office at (909) 902-9606 for more information. 

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The drought is one of the most important issues facing California and passing a water bond is a critical step in responding to this historic drought. On June 14, Assemblymember Anthony Rendon, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife, and I will be at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District to host a workshop on the many water bond proposals that are currently before the Legislature. This will be the first of what I hope will be many informative workshops that I plan to offer for the decision-makers in our community. For more information, or to suggest a topic for a future workshop, please call my district office at (909) 902-9606.

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On May 5, I was honored to attend the 38th Annual California Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony with Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

My son Vincent is a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy and this ceremony hit close to home.  During the ceremony, the names of eight officers who were killed in the line of duty were added to the memorial. I am extremely grateful to our law enforcement officers for all that they do to keep our communities safe.

I was honored to author AB 1561, which will continue funding for the California Firefighters’ and Peace Officers’ Memorials. These memorials are a place to honor our fallen heroes and their families. It is important that they have the necessary resources to keep these memorials well-maintained and open to the public.

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This summer, students across California will be celebrating their accomplishments and participating in graduation festivities. Historically, these celebrations have been accompanied by an alarming increase in drunk-driving related deaths.

June is Sober Graduation Month. The California Highway Patrol is joining forces with local communities across the state to encourage teenagers to celebrate responsibly. If you know someone who will be celebrating this summer, please take the time to talk to them about the dangers of drinking and driving.

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Remarkable students from Ontario High School came to Sacramento to talk about nutrition in schools. Long lines make it difficult for students to have enough time to eat lunch and junk food in vending machines is cheaper than the healthier food options. Let’s all help these young leaders solve the problems in their schools!

My Grandson Jacob joined me to learn about bicycle safety with the Pomona Police Department.

I spoke at the Healthcare for All Caravan about why it is so important for everyone to have access to quality, affordable health insurance.

Senator Norma Torres and I welcomed students from Ontario-Montclair School District to the Capitol. I had a chance to talk to them about what brought me to Sacramento and encourage them to always fight for what they believe in.

Our State Parks are a great resource to California but are too often overlooked. I got my start in elected office by advocating for the restoration of Ralph Welch Park in Pomona and I was thrilled to continue that journey and participate in the Park Advocacy Day Speaker’s Series.

Upland Police Chief Jeff Mendenhall, Chino Chief Miles Pruitt, Ontario Chief Eric Hopley and San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon were in my Sacramento office to discuss public safety issues.

I was glad to work with this great group of volunteers during the 8th Annual Pomona Beautification Day.

Doctors from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and Loma Linda University were in Sacramento to talk about improving access to quality, affordable health care.

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June 7 – 8:00 am Pomona District 4 Community Cleanup. Call (909) 620-3665 for more information.
June 14- Water Bond Proposal Workshop with Assemblymember Anthony Rendon. For more information, call my District Office (909) 902-9606.
June 14 –Flag Day
June 14 – 9:00 am Hazardous Waste/E-Waste Event at the Fairplex, Gate 9.
June 15- Budget must be passed by Midnight
June 16 – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Online Employment Workshop. Ovitt Family Community Library, Ontario
June 28 – 3:00 pm, Chino Fireworks Spectacular and Salute to our Armed Forces. Ruben S. Ayala Park.
July 19- 11:00am – 2:00 pm Assemblymember Rodriguez Community BBQ and Open House.

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My District Office is open and ready to serve you. Contact my office if you need help with any state related matter.

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