Rodriguez Calls For State Audit Of LA County Fair Association

For immediate release:

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez today announced he has requested the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to conduct an audit of the Los Angeles County Fair Association after a recent LA Times investigation called into question the Association's financial operations.

"Recent disclosures have raised serious and troubling concerns about the management at the Fairplex," said Rodriguez. "There appears to be a complete lack of transparency in its operations and the taxpayers are paying the price. The salary and bonuses being paid to the executive staff at the Association are way out of line with salaries paid at other fairs across California. This audit will help us find out if the Association has received any state funds, if those funds were mismanaged and if we have the authority to establish caps on executive pay."

Rodriguez has requested that the audit examine the LA County Fair Association's financial operations and practices; the use of public funds; and their hiring and compensation practices to investigate whether public funds have been used appropriately. Rodriguez will work with the committee in the coming weeks to further define the scope of the audit.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is charged with ascertaining facts through investigations, reviewing reports, and making reports and recommendations to the Legislature regarding the revenues and expenditures of the State, its departments, subdivisions, and agencies. If criminal misconduct is found, the Committee in conjunction with the State Auditor's office can refer the case for prosecution.