Rodriguez Advances Legislation Adding City of Montclair to Gold Line Board

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO)-  Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (52- Pomona) today advanced Assembly Bill 2417 through the critical Assembly Local Government Committee on a unanimous 7-0 vote. This moves the legislation, which makes one alteration to the Gold Line Construction Authority Board of Directors, one stop closer to its final destination.

“The Gold Line light rail is an economic engine and its future growth is imperative to the development of Inland Empire communities. Since its inception, the Authority’s terminus has expanded, requiring an update to the membership of its Board. I am continually excited by the progress being made and look forward to hearing new voices on the Board. Giving Montclair a voting seat is the right thing to do and maintains local control of the Gold Line project,” Rodriguez said from the State Capitol.

The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority is an independent transportation planning and construction agency created in 1998. Legislation (AB 1600; 2012) extended the terminus of the Gold Line from the original Los Angeles to Pasadena, to the City of Montclair’s Transcenter. This Transcenter is a regional transit hub for numerous bus and rail operations serving San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire.

The Construction Authority is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors with 5 voting members and 4 non-voting members. The 5 voting members are appointed by the following entities: City of Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, City of Los Angeles, City of South Pasadena and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The Gold Line is planned to terminate in Montclair and AB 2417 will give the City a rightful say in Board actions.