Assemblymember Rodriguez Advances Legislation to Promote Gun Safety

For immediate release:

Assemblymember Rodriguez Advances Legislation to Promote Gun Safety 

(Sacramento, CA) Yesterday, AB 228 and AB 1842, authored by Assemblymember Rodriguez, passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee with votes of 5-0. AB 228 would require the Department of Justice to inspect firearm dealers at least every three years to ensure compliance with firearms law. AB 1842 would limit the return-related fees a firearm dealer may charge if the buyer cancels the purchase within the 10-day cooling-off period. 

Firearm dealers have a critical role in ensuring firearms do not end up in the hands of dangerous people or those prohibited by law from owning or possessing a firearm. Unfortunately, nearly a third of licensed firearm dealers inspected last year violated federal, state, or local laws. These violations represent a firearm diverted into the illegal market, which puts everyone at risk.

“I am proud to advance legislation that will tighten the protocols for purchasing firearms and increase gun safety in California. Following the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas, last week, it is vital that our country ensures these firearms stop ending up in the hands of criminals. AB 228 will require firearm dealers to be inspected regularly, ensuring that dealers follow the laws intended to keep our communities safe,” stated Assemblymember Rodriguez. 

In California, existing law restricts a licensed firearm dealer from delivering a firearm within 10 days of the application to purchase. This ‘cooling-off period’ allows time for the Department of Justice to conduct a background check. If a buyer reconsiders their purchase during those 10 days and decides to cancel the purchase of a firearm, they are subject to a return fee. These waiting period laws are critical as they provide time elapses for temporary emotions to fade.

“Californians who make the safe and responsible decision not to complete their firearm purchase should not be penalized, especially if they never even possessed the firearm. AB 1842 would limit these return-related fees, so buyers are not incentivized to complete their firearm purchase, rather than paying up to half the cost to cancel such. I am dedicated to helping end gun violence by tightening up laws surrounding the purchasing, or cancellation of purchasing, firearms,” added Assemblymember Rodriguez.