Governor Newsom Signs AB 524 (the Greek A.C.T.) Increasing Transparency for College Students Statewide

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Governor Newsom Signs AB 524 (the Greek A.C.T.) Increasing Transparency for College Students Statewide

(Sacramento, CA) – On Tuesday, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 524, authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D – Pomona), into law. This legislation, the Greek A.C.T. (Accountability, Change, Transparency), will require sororities and fraternities to submit specific information to Universities. This information includes the grade point averages (G.P.A.), community service hours, and money raised within their membership.

“When students take the leap to leave their homes and pursue higher education, they often are in search of like-minded individuals who they can rely on throughout this new journey, and Greek Life is where some students turn. AB 524 will allow students to receive information surrounding an organization before joining so that they can truly make the decision best for them,” stated Assemblymember Rodriguez.

AB 524 also requires higher education institutions to compile and maintain the information they receive from sororities and fraternities to create a publicly accessible report that will also be released to all students. The reports would include the number of citations or disciplinary actions taken to address the misconduct at a chapter house or sanctioned event for each fraternity or sorority.

This legislation will increase the transparency of misconduct, keeping both institutions of higher education and Greek life organizations accountable for incidents of hazing, misconduct, and sexual assault among their students. Methods of hazing can vary, and effects can be long-lasting, at times resulting in death. Regarding sexual violence, the American Association of University Women reports that 62% of women and 61% of men experience sexual harassment while attending college.

“The issues surrounding hazing and sexual violence at higher education institutions have gone on for far too long. Holding the institutions and the organizations on their campuses accountable will help address this issue and provide students with the reality of an organization they are considering to join before getting themselves into a situation that is much different than what it seemed,” added Assemblymember Rodriguez.