Governor Newsom Signs AB 1410, Providing Protection and Relief for Homeowners in Common Interest Developments

For immediate release:

Governor Newsom Signs AB 1410, Providing Protection and Relief for Homeowners in Common Interest Developments

(Sacramento, CA) – Yesterday, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1410, authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D – Pomona), into law. This legislation provides protection and relief for homeowners in a common interest development (CID), governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA), that are subject to disciplinary measures, even during times of emergency.

“This legislation will now prevent HOAs from disciplining and fining homeowners during a declared state of emergency. During catastrophic disasters or events, homeowners should be able to ensure the safety and health of their families rather than being worried about potential fines over trivial matters,” stated Assemblymember Rodriguez.

In many areas of the state, including the Inland Empire, CIDs make up the majority of new housing. They are managed and maintained by an HOA that all homeowners belong to, governed by a board of directors, and operated by hired employees and/or management companies.

Prior to the pandemic, some homeowners were subject to unscrupulous behavior by board members and management staff. Furthermore, during the pandemic and other states of emergencies, some HOAs operated without any regard to the difficult circumstances the state was facing.  During quarantine orders and times when dangerous wildfire smoke lingered in the air, HOAs continued to enforce and fine homeowners for matters that were minor in comparison to what was occurring in the state.

When homeowners took to social media to discuss matters involving their HOA with neighbors, they were threatened with fines by the HOA that sought to monitor and stifle critique. This legislation protects free speech, while still allowing moderators to remove inappropriate content.

AB 1410 now will prevent HOAs from disciplining/fining homeowners who rent a room for more than 30 days in their owner occupied homes; from disciplining homeowners when engaging in the discussion of the HOA on social media platforms, and; prohibit an HOA from enforcement and fines when there is a declared state of emergency and a homeowner cannot attend to a violation.

“As chairman of the Emergency Management Committee, I want to ensure Californians are fully protected during any state of emergency. The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments in a homeowner’s lifetime. Fining homeowners is a serious matter that could cost one their investment, and AB 1410 will now ensure that does not happen,” added Assemblymember Rodriguez.