What Matters Most to You?

Many issues come before the state Legislature every year. When introducing legislation and making decisions that affect the state, legislators work to represent your best interests. Transportation, housing, and healthcare are especially critical issues and your input is important. Please take a moment to share your top priorities with me.

Your Information
What are your three highest concerns? Choose your top three from each of the questions below.
In your opinion what is the greatest challenge facing our communities?
What are your top three concerns for the state of California?
For the questions below, select all that apply.
What do you enjoy about living in your community?
What housing options are most needed in your community? (Select all that apply)
Tell us about yourself
Do you commute to work regularly?
What is your primary mode of transportation to work?
What keeps you from using public transit regularly? (Select all that apply)
If you have healthcare, where does it come from? (Select all that apply)