Assembly Select Committee on Local Public Safety- Hearing on Internet Crimes Against Children

Thursday, November 2, 2017

On November 2nd, 2017 Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Local Public Safety and Emergency Management held an information hearing on Pupil Susceptibility on Internet Abuse and Exploitation. The increasing advancement of technology is greatly impacting the families of the 21st century. Technology such as TV, internet, video games, and iPads are regularly used as a source of entertainment for children. Additionally, this technology has also proven to be an efficient instrument in the cognitive development of children, as computers and iPads are commonly used for educational purposes in school. As technology continues to develop and become more available for children to use for entertainment or educational purposes, the higher the risks of internet abuse and exploitation. This hearing provided insight from law enforcement, schools, and non-profits on pupils’ susceptibility to internet abuse and exploitation, and other related crimes. Among the internet crimes discussed are harassment, blackmail and extortion, child pornography, and human trafficking. Law enforcement, schools and non-profits provided testimony on the overview of internet crimes on children, and the campaigns and resources available to combat these crimes