Press Releases

Rodriguez Kicks Off Emergency Medical Services Week

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez kicked off a week-long celebration of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers by honoring a group of EMS providers during today’s Assembly Floor Session. The group of dedicated EMS personnel represented the over 80,000 emergency medical services workers throughout California.

The State Assembly also approved Rodriguez’ Assembly Concurrent Resolution 84 which establishes the week of May 18th through May 24th as Emergency Medical Services Week in California. This week coincides with the 40th Anniversary of National Emergency Medical Services Week which began in 1974 to draw attention to the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of Emergency Medical Personnel.

Rodriguez To Host Free CPR Course

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez and American Medical Response will hold a free compression-only CPR course on Saturday May 17th.

Legislature Unanimously Approves Measure to Improve Active Shooter Emergency Response

A measure by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez to improve emergency response to active shooter incidents was unanimously approved by the State Senate today.  Assembly Concurrent Resolution 94 encourages local fire, law enforcement, emergency medical agencies and the Office of Emergency Services to develop standard operating procedures and coordinated training efforts in order to more efficiently respond to active shooter incidents.

Assemblymember Rodriguez authored ACR 94 in response to the shooting that occurred at Los Angeles International Airport late last year in which a Transportation Security Administration officer was killed.

Rodriguez Bill to Create Health Care Jobs Advances

Assembly Bill 1797, authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, passed the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee today with unanimous, bipartisan support.  AB 1797 would identify  opportunities for earn-and-learn” job training programs in the health care field that meet the workforce demand and are high-demand, high wage jobs.

“Earn and learn” job training programs connect new employment opportunities with access to training and education allowing workers to earn a paycheck while learning skills necessary to turn short-term jobs into careers.

Rodriguez Names Carolyn Hemming As Woman Of The Year

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez is honoring Carolyn Hemming, a local business owner and life-long resident of Pomona, as the Woman of the Year from the 52nd Assembly District.

“I am proud to recognize Carolyn Hemming as Woman of the Year. The impact she has had in our community has been tremendous,” said Rodriguez. “She has devoted her time to making Pomona a better place to live and she cares deeply about the quality of life for all who reside in Pomona.”

Rodriguez Bill Would Protect Former Residents Of Lanterman Developmental Center

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has authored Assembly Bill (AB) 2359 to protect Lanterman Developmental Center patients as they transition out of the center and into the community.

“It is important that we do everything we can to ensure a seamless transition for the residents of Lanterman Center,” said Rodriguez. “As in any transition, the process involves risk.  These are patients with very specific health needs, which demand a high level of care.  Guaranteeing that this level of care is maintained is essential for their success and well-being.”

Rodriguez Authors Legislation to Increase Health Care Jobs

An aging population and the implementation of federal health care reform are contributing to the increased demand for the services of health care workers. Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 1797, which would require the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, at the Department of Industrial Relations, to lead and coordinate a stakeholders group to identify opportunities for apprenticeships in the health care field.

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez Congratulates Local Business on Funding Award

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez congratulates Action Embroidery Corp. of Ontario on being approved for a $29,640 job-training program funded by the Employment Training Panel. The training funded by this program will update the skills of 30 employees of Action Embroidery Corp. and help the business address out-of-state competition.

Rodriguez To Hold Hearing In Response To LAX Shooting

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez announced today that his Select Committee on Local Emergency Preparedness will hold a hearing in response to the shooting that occurred at Los Angeles International Airport in November of last year. The hearing will examine state and local law enforcement protocols pertaining to active shooter incidents.