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Assemblymember Rodriguez Authors EMS Workers Bill of Rights

(Sacramento)- As an Emergency Medical Technician for over 30 years, Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez is committed to being a champion of the emergency medical service worker industry. In February of 2017, Rodriguez unveiled the Emergency Medical Service Workers Bill of Rights during an event at the State Capitol.

Asm. Rodriguez to Hold Press Conference for Introduction of EMS Workers Bill of Rights

Assemblymember Rodriguez will be joined by members of the Assembly Committee on Health and the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment, the UC Berkeley Labor Center, and EMS workers.

Assemblymember Rodriguez said the following: “Today, EMS workers across the state don’t have adequate rest and meal breaks, protections against violence in the workplace, or access to mental health care. As a legislator and EMT of over 30 years, I am obligated and proud to stand up and speak out for thousands of hard working individuals who are integral to our healthcare system.