Press Releases

Rodriguez Introduces Bill To Criminalize Drones Interfering With Emergency Responders

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez today introduced AB 1680 to clarify that drones interfering with the duties of an emergency responder is a crime.

"As the popularity of commercialized drones increases, so does the danger they pose to first responders," said Rodriguez. "We need to send a clear message to the public that interfering with emergency responders in any way, including flying a drone in the vicinity of an emergency situation, is not ok and is putting public safety at risk."

Rodriguez Introduces Legislation to Expand School Safety Zones

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez has joined forces with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership to introduce AB 1659 which would extend the boundaries of school safety zones. Under the legislation, school zones would be extended to a quarter-mile from the school grounds and would grant local jurisdictions the ability to extend that perimeter up to one mile as needed.

“There are too many incidents of children being hit by vehicles while commuting to and from school,” said Rodriguez. “In Upland, 11 year-old Isaiah Shelton was killed after being hit by a car on his way to school. That tragedy is still fresh in my mind. The current school zone boundaries are insufficient and do not go far enough to protect children who walk and bicycle to school. This bill will give school districts the tools they need to keep our kids safe.”

Audit Request Of Los Angeles County Fair Association To Be Heard In Committee

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez’ request for a state audit of the Los Angeles County Fair Association will be heard before the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on Wednesday, January 13th at 9:30 am in the State Capitol.

Assemblymember Rodriguez requested the state audit after a Los Angeles Times investigation raised serious and alarming concerns about the Association’s finances. The investigation found that the association lost a total of roughly $6.25 million from 2010 through 2013, though it rewarded its top executives with large bonuses and incentive pay, somewhere in the amount of $8.75 million dollars. The executive salaries are grossly out of line with other fairs in California. The Association’s President and CEO James Henwood received nearly $900,000 in total compensation in the year 2013 despite the Association losing $3.4 million that same year.

Rodriguez Statement On Governor’s 2016-17 Budget Proposal

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez released the following response to the 2016-2017 California State Budget Proposal released by Governor Jerry Brown today:

“The budget proposal released today by Governor Brown is a great start for our work on the Assembly Budget Committee. I applaud Governor Brown’s commitment to securing our financial future and bolstering the State’s Rainy Day Fund by an additional $2 billion.

Rodriguez Introduces Bill To Strengthen Victims Compensation Process

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez introduced AB 1563 which seeks to help victims of violent crimes receive a timely response on their application for compensation. The legislation would create a timeline of 6 months for the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board to respond to appeals received by crime victims who have had their initial applications for compensation denied.

“When someone becomes the victim of a violent crime, their life can be turned upside down,” said Rodriguez. “Victims apply to the Board seeking financial help so they are not left destitute because of crime. This bill will help speed up the appeals process and ensure that victims are not left waiting for answers.”

Rodriguez Statement On San Bernardino Shooting

Assemblymember Rodriguez issued the following statement regarding the shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino:

"I am appalled by the tragic shooting at the Inland Regional Center. This is a facility that is dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disabilities live full, independent lives and their environment was shattered by a senseless act of violence.

San Bernardino County has an exceptional network of first responders who performed heroically today treating victims and relentlessly pursuing their murderers. I am grateful for their bravery and service.  My thoughts and prayers tonight are with the victims, their families, the people of San Bernardino and the employees and clients of the Regional Center. This is a sad day."

Rodriguez Holds Another Successful Turkey Drive

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez held his Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive and donated 140 turkeys to families in need throughout the 52nd Assembly District this holiday season.

"The holidays are about giving back to those in need. I started this turkey drive when I was a member of the Pomona City Council and I have made it a priority to continue it every year," said Rodriguez. "There is a lot of need in our community and I am grateful to everyone who donated food for helping to put a hot meal on the table for many of our local families."

Rodriguez Calls For State Audit Of LA County Fair Association

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez today announced he has requested the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to conduct an audit of the Los Angeles County Fair Association after a recent LA Times investigation called into question the Association's financial operations.

"Recent disclosures have raised serious and troubling concerns about the management at the Fairplex," said Rodriguez. "There appears to be a complete lack of transparency in its operations and the taxpayers are paying the price. The salary and bonuses being paid to the executive staff at the Association are way out of line with salaries paid at other fairs across California. This audit will help us find out if the Association has received any state funds, if those funds were mismanaged and if we have the authority to establish caps on executive pay."

Rodriguez To Host Earthquake Preparedness Workshop

Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez and the American Red Cross will host an Earthquake Preparedness Workshop on Thursday, October 29th at 6:00 pm at the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center.

“Just this week, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab predicted that a magnitude 5.0 earthquake is expected to strike the LA area in the next three years,” said Rodriguez. “The more that can be done now to prepare will help save lives and minimize damage when the next earthquake strikes.”

Governor Signs Rodriguez Public Safety Bills

Today, Assembly Bill 69 and Assembly Bill 71 by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez were signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 69 establishes best practices and procedure for the download and storage of police body camera footage. It is groundbreaking legislation that, for the first time, sets statewide standards for the use of body cameras by police officers.