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Legislative & State Budget Priorities

Assemblywoman Carrillo is proud to be the co-author and sponsor of dozens of bills designed to benefit you and improve the lives of families in the 52nd Assembly District and throughout the state:

AB 1795 - Fair and Open Elections Act – Prohibits a candidate from running for two elected offices concurrently by allowing a candidate to enter a race for a second office, and automatically withdraws the candidate from the first race.

AB 1950 – The Chavez Ravine Accountability Act – Establishes a framework for equitable compensation between the City of Los Angeles and Angelinos, who lived or were property owners in the communities of La Loma, Palo Verde, and Bishop, commonly known as Chavez Ravine, from 1950 to 1961 and were displaced forcefully and unjustly deprived of their residences due to governmental actions.

AB 1990 – Secure Transactions and Organized Theft Prevent (STOP) Act – Prioritizes public safety and safeguards our economy by establishing that an officer can cite and release an individual involved in a retail theft, but also allows for an officer to arrest someone using probable cause and a witness report, even if the officer was not present.

AB 2242 – Dental Assist Training and Scope – Addresses the dental assistant workforce shortage in California by creating new licensure pathways and expanding the duties of dental assistants.

AB 2278 – Rent Increases – Requires the Attorney General to publish maximum rent increases per region each year, providing tenants clarity on potential rent increases, while establishing clear thresholds for property owners on the maximum allowable rent to avoid potential legal violations.

AB 2327 – Vision to Learn – Allows non-profit mobile optometric offices to continue providing vital optometric services, ensuring low- income students have the best chance possible to succeed in school and in life.

AB 2355 – Artificial Intelligence in Political Advertising – Preserves integrity and confidence in our democracy by requiring clear disclosures when using AI generated or manipulated materials in electoral advertising, like creating a human image or voice.

AB 2383 – Regional Centers Developmental Services – Requires hospital and regional center staff to inform families with developmentally disabled children that they may qualify for a waiver to receive Medi-Cal, regardless of the family’s income qualification.

AB 2411 – Youth Mental Health Advisory Boards – Provides young people an opportunity to advocate for effective mental health programs by requiring larger counties to have a local youth behavioral health advisory board.

AB 2466 – Timely Access to Behavioral Health Services for Medi-Cal Recipients – Addresses the recent findings by the State Auditor regarding behavioral health care wait times for youth receiving Medi-Cal by requiring the Department of Health Care Services to adopt a number of corrective measures.

AB 2522 – Air District Board Member Compensation Limit – Increases outdated compensation limits for South Coast Air Quality Management Board Members, recognizing their vital role in managing air quality in the region.

AB 2699 – Health Care Service Plans – Increases the daily penalties for noncompliance with the California Accidental Release Program, and ensures regulatory clarity about when to report the release of substances that can cause serious harm to the public and the environment.

AB 2731 – Carbon Capture Private Activity Bonds – Allows the California Pollution Control Financing Authority to issue tax-exempt private activity bonds for carbon dioxide capture facilities, ensuring California can maximize federal tax-exempt allocations while combating climate change.

AB 2865 – Pupil Instruction Personal and Public Safety – Requires instruction on the nature and effects of alcohol use to include information about excessive alcohol use and the short-term and long-term health risks of excessive alcohol use.

AB 2898 – Unbundled Parking Exemption – Exempts any residential unit leased to a tenant who receives a federal Housing Choice Voucher from requiring unbundled parking for the unit, striking a balance between parking accessibility and affordability for tenants.

AB 2986 – East Los Angeles Taskforce & Feasibility Study – Establishes a community-led task force under the Local Agency Formation Commission for the County of Los Angeles to explore the possibility of East Los Angeles becoming a “special district” with local elected leaders who would work with the county to better serve residents or become a municipality.

AB 3041 – Career Development Apprenticeship Program – Establishes, as an alternative to the traditional civil service examination and appointment process, the Career Development Apprenticeship Program administered and overseen by the California Department of Human Resources.

AB 3078 – City Streets Maintenance, Construction, and Repair – Makes non-substantive changes to existing law, related to the management and upkeep of city streets, ensuring smoother transportation and infrastructure maintenance.

AB 3177 – Spot Widening – Promotes efficient land use by placing limits on the practice of "Spot Widening," whereby developers give up land and pay for road expansions at the request of a local government to receive a permit, which impact the financial feasibility of housing developments, reducing the number of homes a developer can build and increasing tenants' rents.

AB 3212 – Teacher Credentialing – Makes non-substantive changes to existing law, related to the validity periods for different types of teaching credentials, ensuring alignment with current practices and standards.

AB 3239 – Campaign Funds: Disclosures – Permits campaign funds to be used to pay or reimburse airline travel expenses related to an emotional support animal belonging to and traveling with an individual whose travel is authorized to be paid using campaign funds, including a child.

AB 3250 – Wage Deductions – Makes non-substantive changes to existing law, related to existing protections for employees regarding wage deductions for being late to work.