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2017-2018 Legislative Summary


AB 2358Apprenticeships – Requires apprenticeship programs to develop and implement further anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies and procedures to provide a more welcome environment for women in the building trades apprenticeship programs. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 675, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2371Water Use Efficiency: Landscape Irrigation – Ensures landscape contractors know about new efficiency practices to improve urban landscape water use and reduce waste, which can save energy, lower water and wastewater treatment costs, eliminate the need for costly new infrastructure, and help California meet our short- and long-term water challenges. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 867, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2381 – Vehicle Emissions: Certification, Auditing, and Compliance – Requires the Air Resources Board to enhance its emissions testing of new motor vehicles to protect California’s air from those who would flout our laws, pollute our environment, and harm our residents. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 713, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2615Accessibility for Bicycles and Pedestrians – Mandates that Caltrans collaborate with the Department of Parks and Recreation and other public entities to facilitate greater communication and coordination that emphasizes the concerns of safe pedestrian and bicycle access to parks, so more Californians can take advantage of the magnificent parks within the state.Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 496, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2745State Parks: Merchandise Sales – Authorizes the Department of Parks and Recreation to sell merchandise and to collect fees and generate revenue to support operations and maintenance of the State Parks system. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 345, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2762Public Contracts: Small Businesses, Disabled Veteran Businesses, and Social Enterprises – Establishes two new preference categories for local agency procurement activities and increases the value of local preferences to help make bids that include small businesses, disabled veteran businesses, and social enterprises more competitive against other bids. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 654, Statutes of 2018.

AB 3101Community Colleges – Requires the California Community Colleges to revise the lengthy and complicated CCCApply application so that it is accessible and efficient for all applicants. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 553, Statutes of 2018.

ACR 183The 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Student Walkouts – This resolution recognizes the month of March as the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Student Walkouts and encourages all Californians to join in commemorating this historic event. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 35, Statutes of 2018.

ACR 199 – Archbishop Oscar A. Romero – This resolution recognizes the contributions of the late Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador on the 38th Anniversary of his death. This resolution also recognizes the contributions of the El Salvadoran community in California and proclaims March 24, 2018, as the Day of Remembrance of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero in California. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 50, Statutes of 2018.

HR 69 – Immigration Status for Immigrants from El Salvador – Urges the President to reverse his administration's decision to terminate the Temporary Protected Status designation for El Salvador. Adopted by the State Assembly.

HR 104 – Cinco de Mayo Week – Declares May 1, 2018, through May 6, 2018, as Cinco de Mayo week. Adopted by the State Assembly.


AB 2614 – Outdoor Experiences: Community Access Program – Would require the Natural Resources Agency to track the availability of outdoor experiences for disadvantaged youth in a school district and create a grant program to encourage access to these experiences with the goal of improving the overall health and well-being of these youth.

AB 2872 – In-Home Supportive Services – Would establishes requirements regarding peer-to-peer training of In-Home Supportive Services providers to provide much-needed assistance in addressing the care crisis in our state as well as the retention challenges experienced by this workforce.


AB 1886 – Payment of Expenses – Would require the state to pay for costs associated with preparing and conducting special elections incurred on or after January 1, 2017 proclaimed by the Governor to fill a vacancy for the State Senate or Member of the Assembly, or in the office of United States Senator or Member of the House of Representatives.

AB 2537 – Telecommunications Universal Service Programs – Would reestablish the Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Trust Administrative Committee as the Lifeline Oversight Board to strengthen the ability of the low-income landline and cellphone program to provide better service to a larger number of low-income households.

AB 2778 – Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act – Would ensure that law enforcement agencies consider education-based alternatives in the disciplinary process, where appropriate.

AB 2904 – Pupil Health: Mobile Vision Care Services – Would authorize the governing board of a school district to enter into memorandum of understanding with a nonprofit mobile vision care services provider to provide vision care services to pupils at the school site of a public school that are supplemental to required vision screenings.

AB 2995 – Civil Actions: Injury to Property – Would empower California homeowners to defend themselves and their children from the debilitating effects of lead paint in their homes.