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Bills Moving to the Senate!

Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo

Dear Neighbor,

Very happy to announce that several important pieces of legislation have moved forward from the Assembly and will now be moving through the Senate. We’re very proud of our work on behalf of our communities and the people of California. This is only a partial list of our legislative package, take a look below:

Housing and Homelessness

  • AB 1215 - Provides homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters with the resources to accommodate pets, reducing trauma and increasing an individual’s ability to receive housing.
  • AB 1317 - Requires off-street parking spaces to be leased or sold separately from the price of rent, allowing tenants to purchase parking only when needed, reducing car dependence and lowering carbon emissions.
  • AB 1607 - Expedites construction of affordable housing projects for the Los Angeles region.
  • AB 1738 - Expands and makes permanent the Mobile Homeless Connect Teams, which will ensure the lack of an ID or other documentation does not delay a person's ability to receive housing.

Healthcare Rights and Accessibility

  • AB 481 - Creates a new pathway to become a registered dental assistant, and expand the existing duties of the position.This will ensure greater access to dental care.
  • AB 665 – Allows youth (12-18) who are covered by Medi-Cal to access the same mental health services as youth covered under private health insurance, creating a parity within our insurance system and destigmatizing mental health.
  • AB 689: Allows existing health care professionals priority registration to advance their careers through the California Community College System.
  • AB 712 - Allows CalFresh recipients to purchase ready-to-eat hot and prepared food at grocery stores.This will promote healthier food options, and decrease childhood obesity and other health complications for millions of Californians enrolled in the CalFresh program.
  • AB 1194 -Ensures California's privacy protections extend to accessing, procuring, or searching for services regarding contraception, pregnancy care, and abortion services.
  • AB 1432 - Requires that out-of-state health insurance providers, who provide coverage to CA residents, provide comprehensive reproductive healthcare including abortion and gender affirming care, in compliance with California’s Constitution.

Climate Change and Environmental Justice

  • AB 1167 – Ensures that oil companies take financial responsibility for the cleanup of abandoned oil wells, saving taxpayer dollars and protecting our environment.

Restorative Justice and Civil Rights

  • AB 581 - Streamlines clearance processes for community based organizations to provide rehabilitation programming at the California Department of Corrections facilities.
  • AB 1306 - Ends ICE transfers between the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Immigration Customs Enforcement for those who have served their time and been paroled under restorative justice policies already signed into law. This ensures that California has one system of justice that treats all people equally, regardless of where they were born.

Government Oversight

  • AB 1703 - Returns the CA State Athletic Commission to firm financial footing and ensures the Commission’s continued operation.

Democracy works when every day people participate and make their voices heard. If you would like to contribute a comment or show support on behalf of an organization, please visit my contact page here.

In Service,

Wendy Carrillo signature

Assemblywoman, District 52
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee No.4 on State Administration
Chair, Select Committee on Latina Inequities
Vice Chair, Legislative Progressive Caucus