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Orphan Wells: Environmentally Damaging and Costly to Taxpayers

Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo

Dear friend,

With this year’s legislative cycle well underway, my office has partnered with conservation organizations and advocates across the state to address the unfortunate damages that abandoned oil wells continue to have today in California. When their original operators do not assume responsibility for their cleanup, Californians like you foot the bill.

For decades, oil companies in California have been extracting enormous profits from pollutive oil drilling, without taking proper measures to keep the wells from causing a catastrophe for our ecosystems. The consequences of dodging this responsibility in turn takes millions of dollars away from California taxpayers, as we are left to administer the cleanups.

My office is determined to put a stop to this.

In introducing AB 1167, my office has set out to ensure that the State of California receives an adequate bond for site cleanup when an oil well is sold.

As California’s oil production declines, oil well owners are selling wells to companies who are less likely to be in a financial position to complete the required remediation. My bill will help mitigate environmental impacts that historically affect our most vulnerable communities. 

To list your name in support for this bill, click here

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any other state matter, please do not hesitate to call my office at one of the numbers listed below:

Los Angeles: (213) 483-5252

Sacramento: (916) 319-2052

In Service,

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Assemblymember, District 52
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee No.4 on State Administration
Chair, Select Committee on Latina Inequities
Vice Chair, Legislative Progressive Caucus