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Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo Commends Support by the City of Los Angeles on Progressive Housing & Homelessness Legislation

For immediate release:
Wendy Carrillo (AD-52)

SACRAMENTO, CA - This week, the City of Los Angeles issued official support for two crucial housing bills introduced by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles), marking a joint commitment by state and local leaders addressing California’s pressing housing crisis. The City’s official support stance on Assemblywoman Carrillo’s flagship housing bills was extended to AB-1317 Unbundling Parking from Rent) and AB-1738 (Mobile Homeless Connect Pilot Program)

The official issuance of support by LA City officials and LA Mayor Karen Bass outlined the city’s commitment to policies that will simultaneously address housing costs, climate change, and the lack of access to state resources within the unhoused community.

Assemblywoman Carrillo, a longtime housing champion and strong advocate for anti-homelessness budget allocations in Los Angeles, commended the city of Los Angeles for its devotion to promoting and embracing the measures outlined in her housing bills:

"I am proud and grateful to see the City of Los Angeles strengthening its commitment to combating homelessness in our region by issuing support for my office’s anti-homelessness proposals” said Assemblywoman Carrillo. “Los Angeles is at the forefront of the housing crisis, and in order to deliver effective results, cooperation across state and local entities will be crucial. Having the city’s backup while we work to unbundle parking from rent gives us a golden opportunity to align our resources to pursue solutions that simultaneously address all of LA’s most pressing challenges.” 

“The Mobile Homeless Connect Pilot Program will speed up the process of rehousing individuals experiencing homelessness by processing document and identification requests at interim housing sites and targeted encampments. The enactment of this bill would expand the program to a year-round, full-time effort, partnering mobile Department of Motor Vehicles teams with Continuums of Care (CoCs) across the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Sacramento, and the City and County of San Francisco. Homelessness and the housing crisis are solvable with sustained investments in proven solutions and accountability,” concluded Assemblywoman Carrillo.

By advancing the effort to unbundle parking costs from rent, AB 1317 not only provides much-needed relief to renters, but it also helps address climate change by giving renters in transit-rich areas a powerful incentive to use alternative modes of transportation. Additionally, the Mobile Homeless Connect Pilot Program, as outlined in AB-1738, will play a vital role in connecting the unhoused population with essential services and resources. Together, these bills will allow the state to make significant strides towards compassionate solutions and a greener, more equitable Los Angeles.

"In order for us to comprehensively help Angelenos experiencing homelessness access a range of benefits and transition into permanent housing, it is critical that we provide a pathway for them to obtain identification documents,” said Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. “AB 1738 will help us in this effort by bringing State and local services directly to unhoused Angelenos and expedite our ability to place our most vulnerable residents into homes for good. I am proud to support Assemblymember Carillo in her efforts to find a solution to this problem with AB 1738."

"Over 60 percent of Angelenos are renters. Requiring tenants to pay for parking as part of their rent unfairly assumes and incentivizes car ownership, while also discouraging alternate forms of transit,” said L.A. City Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez. “AB 1317 will support City and State efforts in making housing more affordable for tenants, promoting transit equity, and building a greener California that every resident deserves."

Additional Quotes: 

Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum, Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority: 

“As a proud co-sponsor of AB 1738, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) deeply appreciates the leadership of Assemblymember Carrillo on this critical issue. Every day, LAHSA works to help people experiencing homelessness obtain the documentation they need to move into permanent housing. AB 1738 is smart legislation that will help us move people experiencing homelessness into a permanent home faster and more efficiently.”

 Marc Vukcevich, State Policy Director of Streets for All: 

“It is imperative to lower household costs, greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled. Research shows that bundled parking households drive 3,800 more miles. Those are miles that pollute 40% more than bundled households and are miles that add to our worsening traffic congestion. Streets For All also believes that it is imperative to lower greenhouse gas emissions and VMT, vehicle miles traveled. A recent Santa Clara University study found that the invisible cost of parking adds 17% to the cost of rent. Tenants that are car-free or car-light shouldn't - through the cost of their rent - subsidize the cost to provide two parking spaces for others."

Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo was elected to the California State Assembly in December 2017. She represents the 52nd District of California, encompassing East Los Angeles, Northeast Los Angeles, and parts of Glendale. She has served as the Chair of Budget Sub-Committee #4 on State Administration, and a member of the Appropriations, Health, Housing and Community Development, and Utilities and Energy Committees, as well as Chair of the Select Committee on Latina Inequities.